Sorry Charging Ball, But When It Comes To Hip Hop, Allegations With No Evidence Is Gossip  


I have just read your disrespectful article. Debate is one thing, but deliberate attacks on me personally will NOT be tolerated. And since you took the liberty to publically voice your ignorant opinion of me and Hip Hop, I feel that it is only right that you receive a free lesson in real “leadership”, since you have no idea what this word means. 
First of all, your comment that “…neither Bambaataa nor KRS has mattered to Hip Hop since self-destruction” exposes the real intent of your malicious writing. I can tolerate the idea that you may disagree with my views, but “…neither Bambaataa nor KRS has mattered to Hip Hop since self-destruction” is not only false and woefully ignorant, but such a statement has NOTHING to do with the premise of the debate at hand. It is obvious that you are desperate and uniformed. You can simply google “KRS-One”, or go to, or go to U-Tube and type in “KRS-One” and you will see evidence of my relevance TODAY. So, to say “…neither Bambaataa nor KRS has mattered to Hip Hop since self-destruction is not only a blatant ignorance of Hip Hop’s real history and actual culture, but when I have just completed 25 highly successful European/U.K. concert dates with a new 2016 album (Now Hear This) and a fourth book on the way, and a 2016/2017 American tour being planned, it is obvious that you are desperate and are just out to discredit me and disrespect me in any desperate way that you can, and for what? Because I have a different view on the whole Afrika Bambaataa controversy than you do? Grow-up already!
For the record however, and since you really don’t know, the word “gossip” in most dictionaries is defined as idle talk, malicious talk and scandalous rumors. “Allegations”, which are what we are hearing regarding Afrika Bambaataa, is defined as an unproven and unaccepted assertion. An “allegation” is NOT proof or evidence. An “allegation” means that evidence could be on its way, but no such evidence actually existence at the moment. This is what KRS-One CANNOT be involved with—malicious talk and scandalous rumors. Even if such rumors are true, KRS-One will NOT be part of such malicious talk; my soul means more to me than anyone’s criticisms of me. 
I totally understand those that may disagree with that fact that I don’t lend myself to gossip and accusations. Such is an issue of individual character. The accusations made against Afrika Bambaataa are indeed shocking and saddening, and like I have said repeatedly, “I hope for the healing of everyone involved”. I am not dismissing anything or anyone! I even said explicitly in my interview with Jacqueline in Birmingham England that “no, I am not being dismissive”, but I do not lend myself to “accusations and gossip”. Why is this so difficult for you and others to understand? You even quoted my very words in your own disrespectful rant. I said explicitly, “show me the evidence and I will definitely have justice done”. This, my dear, is leadership. But, obviously you chose to ignore all of that and have now exposed yourself and your intent. 
Your poorly written article had nothing to do with leadership, education or solutions, or KRS-One. You seem to have a problem with Hip Hop in general as well as with KRS-One, and such a biased and disrespectful approach to Hip Hop is further exposed in your very next line, “To be honest Hip Hop hasn’t done anything revolutionary since the days of self-destruction. As such if these allegations against Bambaataa were all part of some grand conspiracy to discredit Hip Hop why wait now when the shit has already discredited itself?” Anyone can see that your ignorance is based upon your dislike and hatred for Hip Hop. This is obvious, and such an obviously malicious approach to our culture disqualifies you from any serious debate about OUR culture. 
When you begin to approach Hip Hop as the global culture that it is, you will begin to see that the rules that apply to a music genre are NOT the same rules that apply to a global culture. My stance regarding Afrika Bambaataa is not to “defend” him, but to teach MY CULTURE the deeper meanings to community, leadership and nation-building. So please, I would ask that you either get educated, or get out of the way. But disrespectful and malicious attacks against KRS-One which have nothing to do with the topic of the debate will not be tolerated. This is your first warning—check yourself! 



Hip Hop Appreciation Week begins every third week in May as a time to acknowledge and appreciate the actual existence of Hip Hop itself. Instead of wondering what happened to “real Hip Hop,” Hip Hop Appreciation Week is an opportunity to answer that question. This year Hip Hop Appreciation Week is May 16th to May 22nd 2016. Our theme this year is “History”—Hip Hop’s history. Such a theme launches a year-long look at Hip Hop’s actual history in an effort to begin correcting, updating and modifying such a history for future scholars.

During this year’s Hip Hop Appreciation Week (May 16th to May 22nd 2016), serious Hip Hop scholars, artists and pioneers are advised to consider themselves not just as Hip Hop historians, but more deeply, as Hip Hop itself. “We are not just doing Hip Hop; we are Hip Hop”. Every act of every serious DJ, emcee, graffiti writer, b-boy or b-girl, etc., is literally part of Hip Hop’s actual history. Nothing and no one else creates Hip Hop’s actual history except us. Our collective action as DJs, emcees, graffiti writers, breakers, beat boxers, etc., is Hip Hop’s actual history. If you are Hip Hop for real, then all that you do, say and become (or not become) is indeed Hip Hop’s real history. The way in which we treat and approach ourselves as well as our actions and statements today create the history that our children (and our older selves) shall experience tomorrow. So what shall we choose to remember of ourselves? What act can we do today that shall productively add to the history we shall rely upon tomorrow? Think on these things seriously. What heritage shall we give to OUR children seeking to maintain their Hip Hop quality of life in the future?

These questions of course, are reserved for those that are serious about the preservation and further development of Hip Hop, and this is what Hip Hop Appreciation Week is all about. Despite the sometimes irresponsible handling of “hip-hop” in mass media, Hip Hop Appreciation Week acknowledges the original intent of Hip Hop (peace, unity, love and safely having fun), and urges those that may work in any area of media, or entertainment, and/or education to upgrade their presentation of productive and uplifting expressions of Hip Hop to the public. Remember, when Hip Hop unites, it unites the whole world. Spread the word! It’s Hip Hop Appreciation Week!

KRS-One "Akrika Bambaataa Statement"

I have just arrived in Barcelona; sorry for the delay. In response to the responses and comments made after my interview with Nore, I am taking this time to clarify some of my statements to those that seem to be confused about my remarks regarding the controversy surrounding Afrika Bambaataa. One headline that I had read stated "KRS-One Doesn't Care If Afrika Bambaataa Molested Kids". Wow! Really? Fortunately, anyone can go to the audio and/or video recording of my entire interview with Nore and see for themselves just how irresponsible such headlines are. It seems that people will say anything these days to draw attention to their site.

I am indeed concerned about the accusations made against Afrika Bambaataa, but I will not become entangled in a controversy that seems to be less about justice and more about self-promotion and revenge. Of course, I care if a young person is being abused or even neglected, my entire life is based upon the protection and further development of young people; I teach and inspire young people every day! But, as you can see, irresponsible headlines like "KRS-One Doesn't Care If Afrika Bambaataa Molested Kids", and trying to turn a funny song I did years ago into some kind of question regarding my character is precisely the type of sensationalist gossip which I really don't give a fuck about! Let us have Focus And Ignore These Haters.

I said then as I am saying right now, it is not that I don't care at all about the accusations made against Afrika Bambaataa; I am saddened at the whole controversy and how it is being handled. It is not that I don't care, it is more the fact that I don't gossip, I don't take sides in real disputes that don't concern me, I don't slander people's names and I don't believe in abandoning your friends when they may be accused of crimes or make mistakes in life. What is so confusing about that? My position is clear! At this moment, all I am seeing and hearing regarding Afrika Bambaataa is gossip and sensationalism, and like I have already said, 'I really don't give a f*** about all that!' I don't apply my mind to gossip and slander. Slandering the accused for the sake of slander is not justice, nor is it the seeking of justice. I would like to see justice and healing for both the accusers as well as for the accused. But continuous slander and disrespect are not healing anyone or even correcting the situation. Disrespect and slander is NEVER an indicator that true justice is being sought. Disrespect and outright slander proves personal vendettas and revenge against the slandered, and I don't participate in such immaturity, nor am I naïve to political set-ups and character assassinations.

Instead of using one's mind and time to gossip about Afrika Bambaataa, I think we should look closely at what it means to hate. There is no forgiveness, justice or healing on any level when hate is involved. Hate is also a federal crime, as well as a spiritual disease. There is no victory with hate, and hate is what is leading the charge against Afrika Bambaataa; not justice or even healing or reconciliation. Only love conquers all! And within the character of love is forgiveness, and healing, and loyalty; this is what is needed at this time. Hate reveals itself for what it really is—evil! It cannot see clearly so it exposes itself at every turn, and those that truly love can see it. Hate is indeed self-destructive, and this is what real Hip Hop must avoid at all cost. Only love sees clearly. Only love is consistent because only love is UNCONDITIONAL. Love shows us the full life of the accused; not just the accusations brought against the accused.

So, in closing, I would ask that you not expect KRS-One to seriously lend his mind to such sensational issues when there are larger, and frankly more serious, issues concerning the future and global existence of Hip Hop. Issues pertaining to the correct documentation and updating of Hip Hop's global history, the colonization of Hip Hop by the university system, Hip Hop and Healthcare, Hip Hop and Education, Hip Hop and urban policing, Hip Hop's relationship to the White House, Hip Hop recognized as an American-born culture with federal protection and its own tax benefits, more touring and recording opportunities for our youth, our Hip Hop City, and so on. These are the things that serious Hip Hop scholars, artists and journalists are discussing. And by the way, Nore and I did discuss other issues pertaining to song-writing and my present battle with M.C. Shan, to police misconduct and creating a Hip Hop currency, but for some reason the controversies surrounding Afrika Bambaataa is what our entire conversation has been reduced to with deliberately disrespectful statements like 'KRS-One Doesn't Care If Afrika Bambaataa Molested Kids' as the main focus of our interview. This whole thing is childish and immature, and this is precisely why our community remains in the powerless state we find ourselves within today. Am I the only one that sees this? I think it's time we grew-up!

Serious students and apprentice of our culture can review paragraphs 20 through 29 of the Eleventh Overstanding of the Gospel of Hip Hop pages 470 and 471 for further insight on this matter. During Hip Hop Appreciation Week (May 16th—22nd 2016), I will also be releasing a special instructional video entitled 'An Introduction To Hip Hop' for those interested in upgrading their teaching of Hip Hop; go to for viewing. And of course, check-out my new music project 'Now Hear This' with two new bonus tracks also available at This is what's important, not gossip and slander with no attempt at real justice. Instead of seriously tearing each other down, let us consider seriously building each other up! Guard your soul; seek peace always."