More than just a book to read, Real Niggaz: A Look At Institutional Racism Through An Intellectual Analysis Of The N-Words, challenges the very thinking of the reader and boldly asks whether one is a product of one’s own thinking, or have we all been created into what a White racist colonial education has indoctrinated one to be? Are we truly free, or have we been freed? Sure, we all may say that we are interested in seriously discussing “race” and “race-relations” in America, even true “democracy”, but are we? Real Niggaz: A Look At Institutional Racism Through An Intellectual Analysis Of The N-Words puts this very discussion to the test! We (Africans) are a feeling people, an emotional and proud people; a soul people! We see the world according to how it feels to us, and it is this genetic trait of ours that is being used against us. We (as a People) are simply being too emotional over things that require no emotion at all. We are being too proud over things that don’t require pride. We are seeking things that our real Black ancestors had no interests in, and that which our real Black ancestors did have an interest in, we know nothing about! Basically, we are avoiding our ancestral being because of how White racists are describing such a being back to us through such words as “savage”, “primitive”, “native”, “barbarian”, “Negro” and “Nigger”. Real Niggaz: A Look At Institutional Racism Through An Intellectual Analysis Of The N-Words exposes this lingering tradition of White supremacy within English language itself and reveals the effects of a long-played game on the psychology of Africans in America and around the world. Real Niggaz: A Look At Institutional Racism Through An Intellectual Analysis Of The N-Words explores the etymology of not only “Negro”, “Niger”, “Nigga” and “Nigger” and how these words came to be, but also explores the hidden existences of those called “Negroes”, “Nigers”, “Niggaz” and “Niggers” conveniently left-out of World History, or simply not discussed. This 540-page book, also appears as an E-book and as a free introductory audio/visual student tutorial available at Let us continue seeking truth. Enjoy.

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"By now it is clear, KRS-One is indeed THE GREATEST RAPPER/EMCEE OF ALL TIME! 22 dope albums over a 35-year period? No rapper/emcee has ever reached this legitimate level of excellence and skill. NO ONE! Already proclaimed “a classic”, KRS-One returns with his 23rd album project Between Da Protests which balances revolutionary themes with raw street-poetry over what KRS-One calls “boom-bap beats”. With songs like “Don’t Fall For It”, “Black Black Black”, “Free (The Book Song)” and “Boom Bye Bye”, KRS-One addresses the concerns of average people, working people, thinking people. And while the revolutionary-minded will find much in Between Da Protests to be excited about, it is songs like “Opening Remarks”, “Tight” and “Medu Neter” that remind us just how dope KRS-One actually is on the mic (in studio or live). Between Da Protests—another authentic Hip Hop album project by KRS-One. “Turn The Volume Up”.

Between Da Protests

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word street as a road, a way, a path. It
also defines street as the people who live or work in, or regularly use, a particular
street. In common usage, street is the People, the common folks, the real
“normal” as defined with such phrases as man in the street meaning an ordinary
or average citizen. Basically, everyday people. Combined with Light as a symbol
for awareness and realization, Street-Light is Street Knowledge; street knowledge
for street people.
KRS-One is street. Representing the voice of common folks around the world
through his mastery of emceein (rap), KRS-One, an acronym for Knowledge
Reigning Supreme Over Nearly Everyone, inspires his audiences to reach for the
deeper divinity within themselves and in within others. Street Light: The
Documentary follows KRS-One across the Atlantic Ocean and into parts of
England where in between some amazing live freestyles, KRS-One points our
attention not only to Hip Hop on deeper, more philosophical levels, but also to
words and their effects upon what we perceive as reality. The combination of
these subjects “Hip Hop”, “words” and “reality”, inspires the viewer the think
more deeply about one’s self and about one’s commitment to one’s future; to be
more of a friend to one’s future self by taking better care of one’s present self.
Street Light: The Movie explores self-awareness from authentically
“street” perspectives relevant to everyday people. Continuing from where the
“brilliant” Street Light album concluded, Street Light: The Movie follows
the same excitement and “in your face” lyrics that only KRS-One can deliver; only
this time visually! After viewing Street Light: The Documentary, soon you can also
order your physical DVD, Flash-Drive, etc…, with even more live performances and
lectures at In the meantime, enjoy.

Between Da Protests (Signed CD) Extended Version

Between Da Protests (Signed CD) Extended Version

Between Da Protests (CD) Extended Version

Between Da Protests (CD) Extended Version