Already being called “a 12-song masterpiece”, “Street Light: The First Edition” by KRS-One is lyrically inspiring! Themes, ideas and insights that point to deeper regions of reality, the mind and of course, rhyme-skills are all brilliantly explored in traditional “emcee” fashion throughout this project. Produced by Mlody, Jesse West, KPrime, DJ B Original, DJ Static, Enrico Wolf, Ollie and Mad Lion, with special guest appearances by GSimone, M.A.D. Mike and Jade, “Street Light” celebrates that hard boom-bap city sound made exclusively for clubs and cars—and fans of KRS-One. You can pick-up the CD version of “Street Light” at any of KRS-One’s concerts or lectures, and you can also go to www.krs-one.com to see interviews and clips of KRS-One recording “Street Light” in a variety of studios. We sincerely thank you for your support.
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F.L.O.W Rhyme Book

F.L.O.W Rhyme Book


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